President Trump’s lawyers urged Republican state legislators in Arizona on Monday to override Democrat Joseph R. Biden’s victory in the state and choose presidential electors for President Trump.

Trump lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani said at an event in Phoenix that the state legislature must take the step due to alleged fraud in mail-in ballots.

“This is probably the wrong tactic but we’re down near the end,” Mr. Giuliani told the GOP legislators in a hotel ballroom. “I’m going to ask you to implore other members of the legislature to stand up to this. Do not be bullied. Do not be frightened.”

He said the legislature, which is controlled by Republicans, has the power to choose presidential electors regardless of popular vote totals.

“You can take it back,” he said. “Every dishonest vote disenfranchises the decent people who cast an honest vote. Have the courage to do that.”

The state is scheduled to certify the election for Mr. Biden, the presumptive president-elect, on Monday. Vote totals show he won Arizona by about 10,500 votes. Republican Gov. Doug Ducey is among those expected to attend the certification.

Trump campaign lawyer Jenna Ellis also urged the legislators to choose the presidential electors for Mr. Trump. She said it’s not a case of overturning the popular vote, but of making sure “the corruption does not stand.”

“We are going to ask you as legislators to reclaim that authority,” she said.

Republican state Rep. Mark Finchem of Oro Valley said he called the hearing as an “objective forum” to assess any evidence of election irregularities.

“We are caught between the desire to trust the process and the suspicion that it has failed the people of Arizona,” Mr. Finchem said.

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