The Latest: Trump suggests possibility of new administration (copy)

President Donald Trump.

Republicans are right to stand firm

Whoopi Goldberg wants Trump supporters to “Suck it up” like they did. What? The left has done nothing but moan and groan since the day Mr. Trump came down the escalator of Trump Tower to announce his candidacy in 2015. They created the Russian hoax, tried to impeach him, the media disagreed with everything he said, his own party refused to support him, Republican senators like Sasse and Romney refused to support him, and still he created the greatest economic growth in U.S. history, created jobs, increased income for millions of Americans, gave millions to support Black universities, strengthened our military and always put America first.

Still, millions of Americas voted for a 77-year-old career politician who hasn’t done anything in nearly a half a century in office. Before we crown Mr. Biden the 46th president of the United States, let’s make sure we’ve got the count right. I suppose Ms. Goldberg will expect us all to embrace Mr Biden as “our” president, Don’t count on it.

Election lessons

This past election was one of the finest examples of democracy at work that I have seen. It should also have taught us two things. 1) We need a national law for a national election. All states would vote the same, handle mail-in ballots the same, have the same time limits on when ballots need to be in, and when counting can begin. The day should also be a holiday so that people have a greater chance to vote. 2) We need to get rid of the Electoral College. Again, states are determining how to allocate their ballots, and if they did it properly the Electoral College and the popular vote would be the same. Hence we do not need the Electoral College.

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