Having an accident in any vehicle can be harrowing, and even more so if your vehicle is a truck. Being behind the wheel of a truck puts you in a position of power. You need to drive responsibly and take all the necessary precautions to avoid seriously injuring yourself and those around you – and keep yourself out of messy lawsuits. 

The fact is that people involved in truck accidents are less likely to walk out alive – we’re talking about collisions with super heavy machinery. To avoid fatalities and unnecessary aggravation, we’ve collated the most common causes of truck accidents and offer insights into how you can avoid them. 

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With long hours, high pressure, and very little work-life balance, truck driving is an extremely stressful job. When truck drivers spend days on the road with very little sleep, they can lose concentration. Unfortunately, when they’re not concentrating on the road, their driving gets sloppy and they stand more chance of being involved in an accident. There have been thousands of truck accidents in Michigan, for instance, the majority of which have been caused by fatigue. 

Substance Abuse

Unfortunately, the trucking industry is rife with substance abuse – some even use amphetamines and cocaine to keep themselves awake. In a 2013 study, it was found that 30% of truck drivers admitted to using amphetamines, 20% to marijuana use, and 3% admitted using cocaine. Essentially, these drugs can keep drivers awake physically, but their mind is more susceptible to making irrational maneuvers, and they’re more likely to drift off to sleep at the wheel.


This cause extends to all motorists – anything that turns your attention from the road is a distraction. When it comes to truckers, the issue is that they spend a lot of time on the road, on their own, and it must be boring. This boredom likely leads to the odd glance of the phone under the dash when an alert pops up – which then leads to a devastation collision. It is suggested that 9% of all fatal crashes in America are caused by distractions of some sort. 

Poor Training

Before truck drivers can take to the roads with their potential killing machines, they have to undergo a regulated amount of training. However, some truckers manage to make it onto our roads with much less than the requirement. Drivers must know how to deal with issues on the road, such as adverse weather. If the driver doesn’t know that they need to limit their speed during poor weather to prevent skidding, there could be carnage on the road. 


Going too fast, and indeed too furious, can cause serious accidents. Truckers are more likely to speed because they have strict deadlines to keep. Unfortunately, when a truck is barreling down the road at speed, other people tend to get out the way – which could be recklessly into other lanes. 

Having a truck accident is horrific – knowing what causes them could help you save lives. And when injured, you need to hire a truck accident attorney to get the financial compensation you are required to by law. 

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