When you get hurt while doing your job, there are numerous reasons why it’s a good idea to hire a workers’ compensation lawyer to help you get what you deserve. It’s that simple. 

You’re better of paying a professional to help get your workers compensation instead of trying to get it yourself. 

However, you should still do your due diligence and ask questions about why this is a good idea. 

So, if you got hurt working in Philly and want to know the benefits of hiring a Philadelphia workers’ comp attorney, take a look below.

Determine Your Eligibility 

Not everyone has a right to get workers’ compensation. While you’ll need to start the process of filing your claims immediately if you’re eligible of the compensation, if you aren’t, filing the claims won’t help you much. 

As the general rule of thumb, most workers all across the country have a right to seek this type of compensation if they get hurt at work. However, there are some exceptions. 

Consulting with a workers’ comp attorney will help you ensure whether you’re eligible or not. 

Seeking the Right Comp Benefits

Can you seek disability benefits? Medical benefits? Vocational benefits? Does your state even provide for these benefits in its laws? 

When you file such a case, it’ll take more than just filling a claim before your mailbox starts getting checks. 

You need to know the kind of benefits you’re eligible to get. If you don’t have this information, you will not know if you’re getting what you rightfully deserve. 

Most states allow eligible employees to get their medical benefits as soon as possible.

Seeking Enough Benefits 

In addition to knowing the comp benefits you’re eligible to collect, you’ll also need to know whether you’re seeking enough comp benefits. This is actually why most people look to hire the services of a workers comp lawyer. 

If you can’t work because of your injury, your losses could start to accumulate rapidly. You need to know whether you’re getting the maximum comp benefits available in your state.

Dealing with Insurance Firms 

It takes way more than just filing claims before you can start getting your benefit checks. Most employers will take out workers’ compensation insurance coverages for their employees. This means that you’re most likely going to be dealing with an insurance company when seeking your rightful comp benefits. 

Sometimes this process can go smoothly. However, when it doesn’t, injured employees in Philadelphia can end up facing many different challenges when filing their claims. In this situation, the best thing to do is get an experienced injury lawyer to fight for you. 


Insurance companies love it when they don’t have to deal with lawyers in such cases. Why? Because they want to underpay claims, take liberties and straight bully the applicant. Having Munley Law in your corner will help ensure this doesn’t happen to you. 

Hopefully, this article has helped show you why should consider hiring this type of attorney when you’re seeking these kinds of comp benefits. 

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