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How can lawyers find flow?


Photo illustration by Brenan Sharp/ABA Journal

The pandemic has disrupted our work lives in many ways, but dare I say that some interventions have been positive?

Of course, working at home, juggling stressful job responsibilities with family life and adjusting to different technology all have, at times, left us feeling like we are drinking from a fire hose.

But let’s take a moment to survey the positive work moments we have experienced over the past nine months. Do you remember a stint of researching or writing in which the world seemed to disappear and you became happily lost in your project? Do you recall an instant in which you were exercising and a creative solution to a legal problem popped into your head? Do you recollect a period in which you

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Trump lawyers urge Arizona GOP legislators to ‘take back’ selection of presidential contest

President Trump’s lawyers urged Republican state legislators in Arizona on Monday to override Democrat Joseph R. Biden’s victory in the state and choose presidential electors for President Trump.

Trump lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani said at an event in Phoenix that the state legislature must take the step due to alleged fraud in mail-in ballots.

“This is probably the wrong tactic but we’re down near the end,” Mr. Giuliani told the GOP legislators in a hotel ballroom. “I’m going to ask you to implore other members of the legislature to stand up to this. Do not be bullied. Do not be frightened.”

He said the legislature, which is controlled by Republicans, has the power to choose presidential electors regardless of popular vote totals.

“You can take it back,” he said. “Every dishonest vote disenfranchises the decent people who cast an honest vote. Have the courage to do that.”

The state is

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Bill Cosby lawyers argue supreme court overturn sex-crime conviction


Bill Cosby was denied bail after being sentenced to up to 10 years in prison for his 2004 assault of Andrea Constand. Constand embraced supporters as she left court.


More than two years after a Pennsylvania jury found him guilty of three sex crimes, Bill Cosby’s lawyers will try to persuade the state Supreme Court this week to overturn his conviction based in part on constitutional grounds or on alleged procedural irregularities at his trials.

Cosby’s legal team, led by appellate lawyer Jennifer Bonjean,will go up against prosecutors for Montgomery County, Pa., led by District Attorney Kevin Steele, for virtual oral arguments Tuesday morning before the high court, appearing via YouTube from Harrisburg, Pa.

Cosby, 83, who is serving a three-to-10-year sentence at a state prison near his home outside Philadelphia, will not be able to watch, because he is blind due to glaucoma, nor listen, because

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JacksonWhite Law Offers Multi-Disciplined Lawyers in Peoria, AZ

JacksonWhite Law Offers Multi-Disciplined Lawyers in Peoria, AZ

Peoria, AZ – The team at JacksonWhite Law understands the legal needs of the members of their community and that has driven the law firm to expand on its legal services to offer clients the needed legal representation across all legal practice areas. With the expanded legal services offered at the law firm, residents in the area can now rest assured that they won’t have to go in search of new legal practitioners for their fresh legal needs.

Announcing the expanded legal practice areas, the spokesperson for the law firm, JacksonWhite Law, noted that the members of the community will now have access to the best legal help across wider practice areas.

Reiterating the law firm’s commitment to the legal needs of the members of the community, the spokesperson for the Peoria law firm said: “It is the mission of JacksonWhite to be responsive and dedicated to our clients, providing

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What is Sexual Assault Criminal Defense in Texas? Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyers Broden & Mickelsen Answer

11/29/2020, Dallas // KISSPR //

Being accused of  sexual assault  can wreck a person’s life. While the American criminal justice system is premised on the idea that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, sexual assault is one of those charges that society tends to judge harshly even before all the facts have come out. 

If you have been accused of sexual assault against an adult or a child, it’s imperative to discuss your options and your case with a r eputable Texas sexual assault defense lawyer  with years of experience dealing with sexual criminal defense cases. It’s also important to equip yourself with as much information as possible. Your case is not hopeless and knowing your options can help you make informed decisions about the next steps. Our law firm has created FAQ’s to help you understand the law. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Defense Against Sexual Assault

The following are

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Man sought in lawyer’s death on US Marshals fugitive list

NORTHBROOK, Ill. (AP) — A man sought in connection with a suburban Chicago lawyer’s 2016 strangulation death has been named one of the U.S. Marshals’ most-wanted fugitives.

There’s a $25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of 54-year-old John Panaligan, according to The Chicago Sun-Times. Authorities allege he strangled 36-year-old real estate attorney Victor Jigar Patel in his Northbrook office in 2016.

At the time, Patel had been representing plaintiffs suing Panaligan in civil court. Authorities allege Panaligan scheduled an appointment at the law office using an alias and allegedly wore a disguise.

The Marshals Service said Panaligan allegedly fled to Mexico before authorities could arrest him. In 2017, authorities believed he was in the Philippines, where he has family and owns property, but now “believe he could be anywhere.” Panaligan maintains dual citizenship in the U.S. and Philippines, according to authorities.

“This senseless crime took the life

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Trump rails at judges as another court rejects his lawyers’ claims of voter fraud | US news

A day after Pennsylvania’s highest court had thrown out a lower court’s order preventing the state from certifying results from the 3 November US elections, Donald Trump blasted the judges’ decision.

Saturday’s case – which had attempted to throw out 2.5m mail in votes in the crucial state – was the latest of dozens of failed lawsuits by Trump’s lawyers, with judges castigating his lawyers for failing to present evidence of fraud.

With states certifying results, Trump has an ever dwindling route to contest the election as Joe Biden pushes on with preparations for his inauguration as president on 20 January and recruits the team for his administration.

However, on Sunday in his first media appearance since losing the presidential contest to his Democratic rival, the president phoned into Fox News to blame the courts for his campaign’s so far unsuccessful legal challenges, which are based on a series of

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Lawyers, judges fret as court cases pile up

Months of courtroom closures and delayed trials caused by the covid-19 pandemic have created a glut of unresolved cases that is likely to extend into next year, attorneys and judges said last week, causing some to speculate as to how the courts will manage the workload once regular business resumes.

After allowing jury trials to resume June 30 following a three-month suspension, the Arkansas Supreme Court reversed course this month and ordered a halt to all state jury trials not already underway until Jan. 15, in response to a rising number of virus cases around the state.

In Pulaski County, home of the state’s busiest judicial circuit, jury trials have been on hold since March, when the county closed its buildings — including the courthouse — to the public.

“It’s not [just] a concern, there is a backlog,” said John Johnson, the chief deputy prosecutor in Pulaski County.

While hearings,

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Voters, Not Lawyers, Choose the President

Scathing Unanimous Decision

Please consider Trump’s Pennsylvania Appeal Rejected in Scathing Decision by His Own Appointee

“Free, fair elections are the lifeblood of our democracy. Charges of unfairness are serious. But calling an election unfair does not make it so. Charges require specific allegations and then proof. We have neither here,” 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Justice Stephanos Bibas wrote in a 21-page opinion issued Friday.

The three-judge panel noted that the campaign’s grievances amounted to “nothing more” than allegations that Pennsylvania restricted poll watchers and let voters fix technical defects in their mail-in ballots.

“The Campaign tries to repackage these state-law claims as unconstitutional discrimination. Yet its allegations are vague and conclusory,” the opinion says.  “It never alleges that anyone treated the Trump campaign or Trump votes worse than it treated the Biden campaign or Biden votes.”

The court said it would not issue an injunction

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Criminal Defense and DUI Lawyers in Pembroke, Georgia

Criminal Defense and DUI Lawyers in Pembroke, GeorgiaPhoto by August de Richelieu

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Established in 1892 as a railroad town, Pembroke, GA is a small city strategically located in north Bryan County with a quick commute to Savannah, Statesboro, Georgia Southern University, and the beaches along coastal Georgia. The Pembroke Historic District is also listed in the National Register of Historic Places. With all its surrounding attractions, Pembroke, GA is an ideal place to live, work and play. Of course, that can leave room for some legal trouble along the way. It can happen to the best of us, which is why our attorneys are here to help you with your criminal defense and DUI needs in Pembroke, GA.
Our outstanding criminal defense and DUI lawyers at Jarrett Maillet, J.D., P.C., are working tirelessly for Pembroke, GA victims who were charged for a crime or have been

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