Want to feel old? Jude Law’s cute kid from The Holiday’s a mum after having lockdown baby in emergency c-section

YOU’LL remember her as Jude Law’s adorable daughter Sophie in Christmas classic The Holiday.

But now Fabulous can reveal Miffy Englefield is all grown up – and has had a baby in lockdown. 

Miffy was just six when she starred in The Holiday


Miffy was just six when she starred in The HolidayCredit: Universal
Miffy, Alex and baby Frankie


Miffy, Alex and baby FrankieCredit: miffyenglefield/Instagram

Miffy, 21, who lives in Littlehampton, West Sussex, with her partner, drummer Alex Whivley-Conway, 24, became a mum to baby girl Frankie on April 23. 

“She arrived at St Richard’s Hospital in Chichester three days early after 21 hours of labour,” said Miffy. “Then my temperature soared, doctors realised I had an infection and I was rushed for a c-section.

“I was pumped full of antibiotics and kept in hospital for two days. Alex was only able to visit me for two hours a day. 

“It was really scary and because I’m a bit punky and

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Britain to press ahead with Brexit treaty-breaking laws next week

FILE PHOTO: Britain’s Leader of the House of Commons Jacob Rees-Mogg arrives to attend a Cabinet meeting at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) in London, Britain December 1, 2020. REUTERS/Henry Nicholls

LONDON (Reuters) – Legislation that breaks Britain’s Brexit withdrawal treaty will be debated in parliament next week, House of Commons Leader Jacob Rees-Mogg said on Thursday, a move which could further undermine talks on a trade deal with the European Union.

Britain’s upper house of parliament voted last month to remove clauses in the Internal Market Bill which broke international law, but the government intends to reinstate them in the lower chamber on Monday.

It is also introducing a new piece of legislation next week, the Taxation (Post Transition Period) Bill, which is widely expected to contain more provisions that overrule parts of the EU exit deal relating to Northern Ireland.

The Internal Market Bill – designed to

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U.S. Supreme Court debates Louisiana split-jury law’s impact as it weighs applying it retroactively | Courts

Whether the verdicts rendered by non-unanimous juries are less accurate than ones built on consensus – and just what accuracy means with a racially discriminatory law – drew a spirited debate at the U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday as the nine justices considered applying the court’s recent ban on split verdicts retroactively.

The justices, including famously mum Clarence Thomas and the court’s newest member, Louisiana native Amy Coney Barrett, were vocal as they wrestled with where jury unanimity fits in with previous rulings that the court has refused to make retroactive, such as with the right to race-neutral jury selection.

Some of the same six justices that agreed in April that divided juries are unconstitutional, declaring a Jim Crow-era anomaly of Louisiana law a mistake, cast doubt on the case for applying it to inmates who have exhausted their appeals.

U.S. Supreme Court to consider whether ban on split jury verdicts should be retroactive

About 1,500 Louisiana convictions hang in the balance

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Jude Law’s 20-year-old daughter Iris Law poses in bikini

Jude Law’s 20-year-old daughter Iris Law is completely grown up, and absolutely stunning.

The daughter of Law and his ex-partner Sadie Frost is unsurprisingly now working as a model, and doesn’t waste any time showing off her incredible figure on Instagram.

Her latest Instagram snap had people talking, after posing in a bizarre pink swimsuit, while in her garden at her home in the UK.

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The swimsuit is from Stella McCartney’s new sustainable swim collection, which is blush pink and features cut out detailing.

The young model is talent for Stella McCartney’s AtoZ manifesto representing the series ‘I’ – for intimacy.

She wrote in her caption that she had interpreted the word ‘Intimacy’ through her fashion choice and surroundings.

“Thank you @stellamccartney for giving me the opportunity to interpret intimacy,” she wrote alongside the snap.

“This photo represents intimacy in so many

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COVID-19 Colorado Petition Demands Polis Enforce Laws

Governor Jared Polis has been talking tough about businesses that refuse to comply with Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment standards in the ongoing fight against COVID-19. Thus far, however, he hasn’t ordered a major crackdown on scofflaws, preferring instead to rely on admonitions delivered from his bully pulpit.

That’s not good enough for Colorado COVID Watch, a new project whose online platforms include a Facebook page, a Facebook group and a Twitter account. The advocacy group, which has been calling out retailers and other operations that its members contend aren’t following the rules, has launched a petition entitled “State of Colorado Must Enforce COVID-19 Public Health Orders on ‘SuperSpreader’ Businesses” demanding that Polis, who announced this past weekend that he’s tested positive for the disease, forego lip service and get serious about either disciplining or shutting down outfits that refuse to follow practices intended to get the

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Rule of Law, Not Laws

Liberalism didn’t just go wrong during the Trump administration or during the past century’s gradual growth of the bureaucratic welfare state.

Given the simplistic way people think, it always had the dangerous potential to make people reason thus: If the predictability of the rule of law (as opposed to whimsical decrees from all-powerful monarchs) is good, then the more laws—the more rules—we have, the better.

That’s how you end up, after some five centuries of modernity, with half the population barely displaying a reactive twitch when lockdown regulations crush about a third of the economy and stunt nearly all aspects of human activity. The very people who shriek most loudly that we should be swathed in regulations and taxes at all times for the sake of the poor and marginalized are, funny coincidence, the ones who don’t blink when lockdowns destroy half of black-owned businesses and

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Criminal record, sentence changes among new N. Carolina laws

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — New laws began Tuesday in North Carolina that are designed to help more people convicted of lower-level crimes and nonviolent drug trafficking get records cleared or punishments eased.

The “ Second Chance Act ” and “ First Step Act ” are among nearly a dozen state laws approved since 2019 by the General Assembly and taking effect fully or partially on Dec. 1. These criminal justice reforms received renewed interest this year following demonstrations against racial inequality after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody.

The First Step Act allows a judge to deviate from mandated long prison sentences and hefty fines for drug-trafficking convictions if several conditions are met. A defendant in part has to have avoided violent activity, isn’t a repeat offender and must admit to a drug addiction problem. Supporters say the change will help people with substance-abuse issues avoid long

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SC prodded anew to stop anti-terror law’s implementation

MANILA, Philippines— More than 20 petitioners against the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020 pressed the Supreme Court to issue a restraining order against its implementation.

On Thursday, the 23 petitioners filed a joint motion for the issuance of a temporary restraining order or status quo ante on the implementation of what is now the most contentious law raised before the high court.

Petitioners said authorities already filed an Anti-Terror complaint against two Aetas in Zambales and reportedly another case has been filed against farmers in Negros Island.

“These reported cases are only those involving incidents of criminal prosecution. It does not include the implementation of its provisions involving acts like surveillance, ex parte examination of bank accounts and similar provisions,” read the joint motion.

They noted that the Armed Forces of the Philippines publicly admitted that it placed under surveillance some of the petitioners and lawyers in the case while some

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Law Commission Recommends New DNA Laws For Criminal Investigations

Te Aka Matua o te Ture | Law Commission today released a
report that recommends a new, comprehensive regime to
control how DNA is obtained, used and retained for criminal

The report has revealed significant
gaps in the operation of the current law, including
insufficient independent oversight and a failure to
accommodate human rights values, tikanga Māori and the
Treaty of Waitangi | te Tiriti o Waitangi.

Buckingham, lead Commissioner on the review,

“In 1995 Aotearoa New Zealand became only the
second country to establish a legal regime for the use of
DNA in criminal investigations. But time and technology have
moved on and what a tiny amount of DNA can reveal about a
person has grown hugely in twenty-five

“DNA analysis is a valuable tool for
Police, but the current law has gaps and can

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