Inside the fascinating lives of the young Harry Potter cast

They were the trainee wizards that had us spellbound in the Harry Potter films – but where did they get to when Hogwarts closed its doors?

Earlier this month new dad Rupert Grint – who starred as Ron Weasley – shared a picture of his daughter Wednesday, five months, and joined Instagram, immediately racking up 1 million followers.

While Rupert and co-stars Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) and Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) have gone on to stellar careers in stage and screen, some of their classmates have taken different paths.

Almost two decades since the first movie Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone broke box office records by grossing £763 million ($A1.4 billion) worldwide, the child stars have gone on to become a bodybuilder, a Playboy model and a cage fighter.

One also found himself on the wrong side of the law – even before the eight-film franchise was over.


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