Williams said in Parliament the Government is doing all it can. 

“Already we have banned military-style semi-automatic weapons, magazines, and parts; taken 62,000 prohibited firearms out of circulation; and passed the Arms Legislation Bill, which National voted against. There is a great deal more to do and I intend to make further announcements in the New Year. 

“I’m sick of National’s virtue signalling on law and order. Under them, police numbers fell. They are up: 2200 new constables, 1280 new full time-equivalents, 700 alone focused on organised crime. This Government delivers for police.”

The Government banned military-style semi-automatic weapons in the wake of the Christchurch terror attack. The Government also spent $150 million on a gun buyback scheme, which collected 62,000 prohibited firearms as of June. 

Brown said National’s Firearms Prohibition Orders (FPOs) would give police greater powers to take firearms off violent criminals but the Government continues to refuse to support it.

“Last year then Police Minister Stuart Nash said he would take National’s FPOs to Cabinet. It’s been a year, how much longer will it take Cabinet to consider whether keeping New Zealanders and our police safe is a priority?”

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