CLEVELAND COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – The Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office has hired a new captain.

Sheriff Chris Amason hired Steve Lowe to serve as captain of the Support Services Division, which includes criminal investigations, according to a Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office news release.

Lowe, who has 26 years of law enforcement experience, started working for the Sheriff’s Office on Monday.

He worked for the Norman Police Department for 24 years, 13 of which he served as a detective sergeant. He served in both the Criminal Investigations Section and the Special Investigations Section, and worked as a major case detective, according to the news release.

Lowe became an Evidence Technician for the Norman Police Department’s Property/Evidence Section. He held the position until Amason recruited him for the Sheriff’s Office.

Lowe has over 3,000 hours of specialized law enforcement training, and has either achieved or completed the following:

  • Drug Recognition Expert;
  • Certification in Accident Reconstruction through Texas A&M University;
  • Management classes;
  • Multiple interview and interrogation classes;
  • Crime scene and homicide investigation classes;
  • Blood stain analysis classes;
  • Graduated from both Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration Investigators classes;
  • And attended Force Science Institute-Use of Force Analysis.


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