Reform outdated offence of misconduct in public office, recommends Law Commission

Outdated and unclear laws governing misconduct in public office should be reformed, the Law Commission has announced today [4 December 2020]. The reforms would introduce two new statutory offences to replace the ancient common law offence, provide greater clarity, and target the most serious forms of misconduct in public office.

There has been an increase in the number of prosecutions for misconduct in public office in recent years, rising from single figures in the early 2000s to averaging more than 80 per year since 2006. In 2018 (the last available figures), there were 95 prosecutions.

The current common law offence of misconduct in public office has existed for hundreds of years. However, as the number of prosecutions has risen in recent decades, so have the calls to reform the law. The most commonly expressed concern is that the offence lacks clarity and precision. This creates the potential for misuse and

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L.A. County prohibits most public and private gatherings between households

Almost all private and public gatherings between households will be temporarily prohibited in Los Angeles County starting Monday, the county’s public health department announced Friday. The prohibition is just one of the modifications to the city’s “Safer At Home” order that are being implemented to slow a surge of new coronavirus cases. 

a group of people on a city street: Dodgers Fans Cheer For Their Team On First Day Of World Series

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Dodgers Fans Cheer For Their Team On First Day Of World Series

The ban does not include protected events such as protests and church services. Schools will still adhere to established re-opening protocols. 


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The extended order goes into effect on Monday, November 30 and advises residents “to stay home as much as possible and always wear a face covering over their nose and mouth when they are outside their household and around others.” Businesses including restaurants, non-essential retail, libraries, gyms, and museums will all operate under restricted occupancy limits, all of which

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Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe crashed a private CNN teleconference. CNN says he may have broken the law.

But, on Tuesday, Project Veritas — an organization that has used deceptive tactics in some of its attempts to capture proof of what it says is liberal bias and corruption in mainstream media and government — may have crossed a line. To help promote a new cache of two months of recordings of CNN’s daily morning editorial calls, the group’s founder, James O’Keefe, filmed himself calling into the network’s 9 a.m. meeting and pressing network president Jeff Zucker on the network’s journalistic integrity.

While Project Veritas had previously disseminated covert recordings of CNN’s daily meeting, in this video O’Keefe himself could be seen dialing into a private CNN call — apparently without the knowledge or consent of participants.

CNN would not elaborate further on the legal issues at play, when asked for comment. But several of the call attendees participated from states that require the consent of both parties for

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CNN PR Issues Legal Threat to James O’Keefe Over Taped Calls

CNN logo

CNN’s public communications department replied to James O’Keefe on Twitter, warning him that his secret recording and planned release of some of the network’s internal editorial calls could have broken the law — and that the company has notified law enforcement.

On Tuesday morning, O’Keefe posted a Tweet that previewed an upcoming release of a recording of an editorial call between CNN President Jeff Zucker and his network’s senior leadership.

More than seven hours later, in that Tweet’s replies, the CNN PR account responded: “Legal experts say this may be a felony. We’ve referred it to law enforcement.”

If O’Keefe did end up breaking the law, it wouldn’t be the first time. In 2010, as part of one of his earlier so-called stings, O’Keefe and three others were arrested

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Plantx Announces Formation of a Medical Advisory Board and Non-Brokered Private Placement

“In our mission to educate the public on the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle, we value the guidance of experts in the medical and science communities,” said Sean Dollinger, PlantX founder. “We look forward to working with our medical advisory board and using their recommendations to make PlantX a leader in the plant-based industry.”

The Medical Advisory Board will meet with PlantX once a month to review its products, meals, recipes and plants, and then make recommendations on how each will affect consumers’ health and wellness. The Medical Advisory Board will also discuss advancements in the plant-based industry and how the Company can capitalize on such advancements.

As a company promoting health, wellness and the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle, PlantX is making an effort to always have the most accurate and up-to-date information to make its online platform the preferred resource for the plant-based community. The Company’s customers

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Endowment Study Highlights Average Endowment’s Decade of Underperformance in Private Equity, Venture Capital, and Private Real Estate Investments – Press Release

The average endowment could have improved overall performance and liquidity by simply investing in a passive S&P 500 benchmark strategy

BOSTON, MA / ACCESSWIRE / December 1, 2020 / Veriti Management LLC (“Veriti”), a registered investment adviser (RIA) and leading provider of direct indexing technology serving institutions and advisors, announced today that Dennis Hammond, Veriti Management head of Institutional Investments, published an investigational research study in the December 2020 issue of The Journal of Investing titled, ‘Should Endowments Continue to Commit to Private Investments?’.

The study reviews the 30-year commitment of endowments to private equity, venture capital, and private real estate – based on expectations of returns superior to those available in the public markets. This study was undertaken to address if private investments underperformed private market indexes, and to encourage institutions to reconsider future private equity commitments.

“For more than 30 years, endowments have committed ever-increasing allocations

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Global equitable access to vaccines, medicines and diagnostics for COVID-19: The role of patents as private governance


In June 2020, Gilead agreed to provide the USA with 500 000 doses of remdesivir—an antiviral drug which at that time was percieved as showing promise for patients with COVID-19. Although, recent studies question the effectiveness, if any, of remdesivir for use in the Covid-19 context.1,1 Nonetheless, in June when remdesivir was viewed as a promising potential treatment option for Covid-19, this quantity represented Gilead’s then full production capacity for July and 90% of its capacity for August/September.2 3 Similar deals are evident around access to proposed vaccines for COVID-19,4 and are only likely to increase as we get closer to securing effective vaccines and treatments for COVID-19.

Although understandable within the national context, these moves to secure preferential access, or so-called vaccine/treatment nationalism,5 jeopardise supplies of life-saving treatments and vaccines for COVID-19 available in other countries, and more generally, they jeopardise equitable distribution of COVID-19

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Survey finds public, private sector collaboration critical to support women entrepreneurs

Access to new markets critical factor to securing success in COVID-19 era 

  • 79% of survey respondents say their number one challenge is attracting new clients
  • 56% say expanding distribution channels is top of mind
  • Only 36% benefited from a federal or provincial program for COVID-19 relief

MONTRÉAL, Nov. 30, 2020 /CNW/ – A survey led by EY Canada and Réseau des Femmes d’affaires du Québec (RFAQ) finds that the top challenge facing Canadian women entrepreneurs in the COVID-19 era is attracting new clients. Nearly 80% of respondents say that adapting service offerings and finding new ways to connect with potential buyers are their top concern, followed by the need to expand distribution models.

“It’s no secret that women entrepreneurs continue to face greater challenges than men to start businesses, scale up and access new markets,” says Anne-Marie Hubert, Eastern Canada Managing Partner at EY Canada. “Many government programs and

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CAE closes $345 million public offering and concurrent $150 million private placement of common shares

MONTREAL, Nov. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ – (NYSE: CAE) (TSX: CAE) – CAE Inc. (“CAE” or the “Corporation”) today completed its previously announced bought deal offering (the “Offering”) of common shares (the “Common Shares”), including the full exercise of the over-allotment option (the “Over-Allotment Option”), and private placement (the “Concurrent Private Placement”) of Common Shares for aggregate gross proceeds of approximately $495 million.

The syndicate of underwriters co-led by Scotiabank, RBC Capital Markets and TD Securities fully exercised the Over-Allotment Option to purchase an additional 1,509,000 Common Shares at the offering price of $29.85 per share. Including the exercise of the Over-Allotment Option, the Corporation sold an aggregate of 11,569,000 Common Shares for total gross proceeds of approximately $345 million.

In addition, the Corporation issued an aggregate 5,025,126 Common Shares, at a price of $29.85 per share, through the Concurrent Private Placement with a subsidiary of Caisse

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How and why do people take private coronavirus tests in Japan?

The Mainichi Shimbun answers some common questions readers may have about taking a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test for the coronavirus at their own expense and how much it costs.

Question: How do you receive a PCR test for COVID-19 privately?

Answer: There are two main ways a person can get tested for the coronavirus. If a doctor decides that an individual who was at a cluster infection site or who has symptoms such as a fever needs to get tested, they can receive an administrative test at public expense based on the infectious diseases control law. Meanwhile, medical institutions and test kit manufacturers provide an opportunity for people to get tested, but they will have to pay for it out of their own pocket.

Q: How much does it cost to get tested at your own expense?

A: On average, it costs around 20,000 to 40,000 yen (about $192

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