Making a Personal Injury Claim for a Heavy Machinery Accident

You won’t be surprised to learn that any incidents involving heavy machinery can be very serious indeed. Sadly, people often sustain life-changing or life-threatening injuries when heavy machinery malfunctions or is used improperly.

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Although heavy machinery accidents can sometimes affect members of the public, they’re more commonly associated with workplace injuries. If you work on a construction site and you’re involved in an incident involving heavy machinery, for example, you might want to know if you can take legal action against the person or people responsible.

Claiming Workers’ Compensation

If you’re an employee and you’re affected by a heavy machinery accident, you could be eligible to claim workers’ compensation. Every employer is required to take out workers’ comp insurance, which means that employees can seek financial compensation if they’re hurt while performing their duties.

You won’t need to prove that anyone was necessarily at fault in order to … Read More

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